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Jordan Dunlop

Jordan Dunlop


Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario I exhibited art from an early age and continuing throughout my adult life. My intention is to engage art with a child-like enthusiasm. This is made evident through voluminous output of drawings using Magnum Sharpie’s, many small sketch books and reclaimed objects to draw and paint on. What keeps me creating artwork is the transformative benefits gained through the process of making such as automatic drawing.

Studying at NASCAD-U,2006 in Halifax, Canada opened doors to a worldly art community where I have exhibited in New York and London, England.

Using play, chance and error to produce high end contemporary painting through unconventional means. Best known for exhibiting paintings and drawings in group shows locally and abroad, professional art installation in corporate, private and art galleries. Jordan has experience with performance painting/art battles, exhibiting in galleries and professional art installation and offers art rentals, installation, and performance painting for events.


Digital, illustration, mixed media, gestural abstract painting in acrylic, drawing, live painting.

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