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Massoumeh Jian

Massoumeh Jian


Massoumeh Jian is an Iranian-born visual artist based in Toronto, Canada.  In 1994 she left her homeland and brought a strong background in drawing to inspire a fresh artistic direction in her new home.  Since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design University with the degree in Drawing and Painting, she has experimented with a variety of multi-media approaches and forms including abstraction, landscapes, and recently self-portraits. A sense of melancholia and nostalgia reminiscent of one’s past, identity, gender, culture and religion are common themes in her work.

Massoumeh’s recent works are immersive installations that combine large scale, figurative paintings on mylar with video projection and sound.  She often incorporates her own voice and the sound within her body including her heartbeat or blood flow into these deeply personal multi-media installations.


Specializing in film, oil painting and installation

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