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Paperhouse Studio

Paperhouse Studio


Paperhouse Studio is an experimental arts studio rooted in paper as the medium. We strive to create an approachable, educational, and playful environment for artists, to encourage accessibility and inclusiveness, and to share our space and expertise in order for artists to experiment and explore new ideas in their work. Through our outreach arm, Paperhouse Outreach Collective, we design community building programming for youth on the margins.


Visual artist, specializing in fibres/textiles, mixed media and papermaking, marbling, bookbinding, natural dyes, and experimental paper art. Also known for artist projects and community based arts programming

Experienced with birthday parties and corporate events, team building, kids workshops, and school groups.

Offering creative workshops, creativity facilitation/workshops, party/wedding favours, workshops / classes for special events.

Contact Info

Please contact Flora Shum



Phone: 416-546-7589

Image: Art work featured from artist project program. Meghan Price, For All That Was Soft series, cotton, wool, cashmere, and marble, variable sizes, limited series of 3 unique pieces, 2017.

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