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Photo by Garrison McArthur Photographers
Photo by Garrison McArthur Photographers

Photo by Garrison McArthur Photographers

Photo by Garrison McArthur Photographers

About the Artscape Triangle Lofts

Artscape Triangle Lofts provides live/work space to artists and arts professionals in the Queen West Triangle. Propeller Gallery, a member-run gallery with deep roots in the neighbourhood, moved in to the gallery space in 2015.


38 Abell Street

Fast Facts

Development Facts

Opened: October 20, 2011

Pre-occupancy (development) cost: Not available

Former site: In roughly the same place, 48 Abell used to be occupied by a former factory that was home to a number of artists, whose live/work spaces were, unfortunately, not legally zoned. Local group Active 18 advocated for a development plan that reflected the needs of the community including its artist residents. Following their negotiations with the City and developers, Artscape was able to create the Artscape Triangle Lofts for artists and their families. It is thanks to their vision and leadership that this project was possible.

Affordability model: Of the live/work units included in the Artscape Triangle Lofts, 48 were purchased through Artscape’s innovative affordable ownership program, and the rest are owned by Artscape and rented as affordable housing

Building Ownership Detail: Privately owned building with condominium board oversight

Building Details

Area (square feet): Condo units, 55,000 square feet; gallery, 1,100 square feet

Spaces included: 68 live/work units and 1 ground-floor gallery within the larger  Westside Gallery Lofts development

Tenants: Private residences

Building accessibility: Wheelchair accessible


Developer: Urbancorp

Design: Will Alsop

Did You Know?

This was our first condominium and affordable ownership project

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