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Photo by Ted Chai Photography
Photo by Ted Chai Photography

Photo by Ted Chai Photography

Photo by Ted Chai Photography

Photo by Ted Chai Photography

Photo by Ted Chai Photography

Photo by Ted Chai Photography

Photo by Ted Chai Photography

Photo by Ted Chai Photography

Photo by Ted Chai Photography

Photo by Ted Chai Photography

Photo by Ted Chai Photography

Photo by Ted Chai Photography

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Photo by Ted Chai PhotographyPhoto by Ted Chai PhotographyPhoto by Ted Chai PhotographyPhoto by Ted Chai PhotographyPhoto by Ted Chai PhotographyPhoto by Ted Chai PhotographyGAB eSketchAWBHistoric7AWBConstrution5

About the Artscape Wychwood Barns

This community cultural hub is a prominent feature in the Christie and St. Clair neighbourhood. Its spaces include artist live/work studios, an event venue with unique architectural appeal, the Peter MacKendrick Community Gallery and office spaces for a range of arts, community and environmental organizations. It is surrounded on three sides by a City of Toronto park. The redevelopment project achieved a LEED Gold rating in 2010.

What Happens Here

The tenants of the Artscape Wychwood Barns represent a dynamic mix of artistic practices, community services and cultural interests. They infuse the facility’s spaces with activity and creative energy on a daily basis. The large courtyard space in Barn 2 plays regular host to art and craft fairs, community-focused special events, and more. Many people know this place through the Stop Community Food Centre’s popular Farmers’ Market.

Fast Facts

Development Facts

Opened: November 20, 2008

Pre-occupancy (development) cost: $23 million

Former site: TTC streetcar repair facility constructed in 1913

Affordability model: Rent geared to income residential, below-market rental (commercial)

Building Ownership Detail: Owned by the City of Toronto and operated by Artscape under a 50-year lease. Artscape Non-Profit Homes Inc. administers the residential component of the Barns as part of its arrangement with the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing program and the Affordable Housing Office of the City of Toronto. The City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation operates the park and space surrounding three sides of the Barns.

Building Details

Area (square feet): 60,000

Spaces included: 26 artist live/work studios, 12 commercial /office spaces, 1 greenhouse, 1 art gallery, 1 event venue (in Barn 2)

Tenants: See website directory

Building accessibility: Fully accessible by Ontario standards


Developer: The Dalton Company

Design: Joe Lobko

Did You Know?

This was the first redevelopment project in Canada to receive LEED Canada certification.


These supporters all helped to make the vision for the Artscape Wychwood Barns a reality through many years of hard work and collaboration. The Artscape Wychwood Barns represents their dedication, passion and generosity.

Lillian Allen
Liz Amer
Kendall Anderson
Phil Anderson
Danielle Anisef
Alexis Archbold
Barbara Astman
BA Group
Vesna Babic
maxine bailey
Roseann Barry
Ruth Baumann
Mimi Beck
The Honourable Dr. Carolyn Bennett
Jody Berland
John Bisanti
Blackwell Bowick Partnership Ltd.
David Bowick
Billie Bridgman
Andrea Brigneti
Johanne Brossard
Peter D.R. Brown
The Honourable Michael Bryant
The Honourable Sarmite D. Bulte
Edward Burtynsky
Peter Caldwell
Wendy Campbell
Canadian Film Centre
Stephen Candib
Brennan Carroll
The Honourable Aileen Carroll
Philip H. Carter
Bryan Chartier
Elizabeth Cinello
Connell Hall LLP
Robyn Connelly
Justin Connidis
Monica Contreras
Peter Cook
Lisa Cristinzo
Chris Cucco
Tom Currier
Andrea Curtis
Elizabeth Dalgleish
The Dalton Company Ltd.
George Dark
Steven Davidson
Rita Davies
John Degen
John Devenish
Claudia Dey
Dan Diamond
The Honourable Caroline Di Cocco
Mike Dixon
Susan Dobson
Nuno Duarte
du Toit Architects Ltd.
Bob Duguid
Mai Duong
ERA Architects Inc.
Rick Eagan
Jim Eager
Sue Edworthy
Philip Eram
Faith Exeter
Paolina Fasula
Luigi Ferrara

Morton Fine
Lalitha Flach
Audrey Fox
Kevin Frank
Friends of a New Park
Sean Gadon
Dave Galvao
Charles Gane
Connie Gemma
Mallory Gilbert
Gillespie Building Consultants Inc.
Nancy Gillespie
Jennifer Ginder
Schuster Gindin
Mike Godawa
Daniel Goslan
Daniel Gosselin
Gottschalk + Ash
The Goldman Group
Sheila and Murray Goldman Philip Goldsmith
Zorica Gombac
Roberto Grillo
Jamie Grossman
Darcelle Hall
Bob Hanke
Lydia Hanson
John Harstone
Celia Harte
Jeff Hayes
Barbara Hejduk
Reid Henry
Christina Heuniken
Gillian Hewitt
Chris Higgins
Sean Hill
Hillcrest Village BIA
Annie Hillis
Camilla Holland
John Honderich
Ryan Howard
Ice River Springs
Brian Iler
Vid Ingelevics
Seana Irvine
Alfred Jackson
Star Jacobs
Geoffrey James
Will Jarvis
Jindalee Estate Wines
Tim Jones
Clifton Joseph
Denis Joyes
Michael Kainer
John Keen
Meirion Kelly
Bob Kennedy
Don Kerr
Maryann Kerr
Ken Kessler
Dawood Khan
Dr. Bruce Kidd
Dianna Klisanin
Stephen Knifton
Katherine Knight
Liz Kohn
Mark Krakowski
Jim Kroesen
Praveen Kulkarni
Michele Landsberg
Leber Rubes
David Leinster

Charles M. Lennox
Lorna Lennox
Erin Leslie
Frank Lewinberg
John A. Libby Fine Art
Joe Lobko
Alun Lloyd
Cynthia MacDougall
Peter MacKendrick
Neva MacLeod
Hugh Martin
Lori Martin
Pamila Matharu
Josh Matlow
Rob Maxwell
Cheryl May
Julia McArthur
Elizabeth McCallion
Michael McClelland
Kathryn McClurg
David McLachlan
Carol McLaughlin
Mundy McLaughlin
The Honourable Madeleine Meilleur
Melanie Melnyk
Catherine Melville
Chris Meyer
Councillor Joe Mihevc
Mayor David Miller
Penny Milton
Dan Minkin
Navaz Mistry
Michelle Monteiro
Louise Moody
Leith R. Moore
Moore McLean Corporate Insurance
Toni Mulgrew
Karol Murillo
Glen Murray
Tristan Musgrave
Terry Nicholson
Craig Nicoletti
Daniel O’Halloran
Marion O’Sullivan
David Overton
Robin Pacific
Councillor Joe Pantalone
Victoria Paris
Martha Parrot
Catherine Pautler
Bernadette Peets
Councillor Gord Perks
Chantal Perrot
Christian Petersen
Chris Phibbs
John Piccione
The Planning Partnership
Robert  Plitt
Paola Poletto
Joanne Poljanowski
Councillor Kyle Rae
Rahul Raj
Marg Rappolt
Kelly Rintoul
Pru Robey
Lucille Roch
Cheryl Roddick
Lupe Rodriguez
Cookie Roscoe

Janet Rosenberg
Bruce Rosensweet
Edwin Rowse
Jonathan Rubes
Carol-Ann Ryan
Bill Saul
Nick Saul
Carolyn Scandiffio
Kathryn Scharf
Anthony Schein
Udo Schliemann
Fana Seife
Susan Serran
Ana Serrano
Alan Seymour
Catherine Seymour
Kathleen Sharpe
Nawfal Sheikh
Christian Bernard Singer
Debra Slack
Celia Smith
John Smith
Mitch Smolkin
The Honourable Greg Sorbara
Helen Spitzer
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Steam Whistle Brewing
Ray Stedman
M.J. Steenberg
Jasmine Stein
Debbie Steiss
Gerard Sternik
Alida Stevenson
Jini Stolk
The Stop Community Food Centre
Derek Sunderland-Clarke
Jovanni Sy
Taddlewood Heritage Association
Beverly Taft
Lilita Tannis
Carolyn Taylor
P.J. Taylor
Rhonda Teitel-Payne
Telus Mobility
Lori Tesolin
Paul Therrien
Tumivut Youth Shelter
Mike Tocher
Peter Tomlinson
Megan Torza
John Tracy
Georgiana Uhlyarik
Sharif Uzzaman
Councillor Adam Vaughan
The Honourable Josée Verner
Colin Viebrock
Clinton Walker
Sylvia Watson
Erin Whittaker
Ronald Williamson
Kelly Willson Harvey
Shelley Wine
Ted Winick
Alexis Wiseman
Jim Wiswell
Evan Wood
Wychwood Heights BIA
Michael Yorke
Caroline Zayid

Artscape Wychwood Barns Campaign

The Artscape Foundation would like to thank the following governments, foundations, corporations and individual philanthropists for their extraordinary generosity in bringing the Artscape Wychwood Barns to life. Together, their contributions helped build this community cultural hub, and will ensure that it remains both affordable and sustainable over the long term.

FOUNDERS ($500,000 +)

Canada Ontario Affordable Housing Program
City of Toronto
Cultural Spaces Canada at Canadian Heritage | Fonds du Canada pour les espaces culturels de Patrimoine canadien
Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada
Government of Ontario | Gouvernement de l’Ontario
Metcalf Foundation
Ministry of Culture

LEADERS ($100,000 – $499,999)

Green Municipal Fund at Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Ontario Trillium Foundation
TD Financial Group
The Young Fund at Hamilton Community Foundation
Toronto Culture

INNOVATORS ($50,000 – $99,999)

Edward Burtynsky
McCarthy Tetrault
The Dalton Company Ltd.
Toronto Image Works

PARTNERS ($25,000 – $49,999)

Barbara Astman
Blackwell Bowick Partnerships Ltd.
du Toit Architects Ltd.
McLean Foundation
Peter Caldwell
Stantec Consulting Inc.
Susan Dobson
Tim Jones
Toronto Atmospheric Fund
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
Vid Ingelevics

CHAMPIONS ($10,000 – $24,999)

Barbara Hejduk
Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation
Charles H. Ivey Foundation
Geoffrey James
ING Direct
John Honderich
Katherine Knight
Peter Tomlinson
Toronto Hydro Corporation

FRIENDS ($5,000 – $9,999)

E.R.A. Architects Inc.
F.K. Morrow Foundation
Joe Lobko
Michael Kainer
Morden Yolles
The Planning Partnership

ASSOCIATES ($1,000 – $4,999)

Alex Speigel
Billie Bridgman and Harry Marshall
Camilla Holland and Colin Viebrock
Frank Lewinberg
Goldsmith Borgal & Company Ltd.
Hugh Martin
Hon. Sarmite D. Bulte PC
Jini Stolk
Johanne Brossard
Kendall Anderson
Kathleen Sharpe
Lowell Langille
Pat Harris
Peter MacKendrick
P.J. Taylor

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