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Judith McKay, as Chief Client and Innovation Officer, Judith leads the firm’s client relations and marketing strategy, and oversees business development, research, pricing, knowledge integration and innovation capabilities. She also provides strategic commercial and intellectual property counsel to clients.

Prior to joining the firm, Judith (a chemical engineer and an IP lawyer by training) was Vice President and General Counsel for DuPont Pioneer, responsible for legal affairs internationally. Prior to this position, she was Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel for DuPont Canada, where she led the company’s operating team as well as legal and public affairs. Client-centric and market-focused, Judith brings a singular and invaluable perspective to the table, having sat on the other side of it. She knows how to help general counsel in Canadian, US and global business environments succeed, precisely because she’s been in their shoes.

Judith is a past recipient of WXN’s Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women Award, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars focused on business management in the legal industry. She has also served as director for the Association of Canadian General Counsel, and as a member of advisory panels for the Association of Corporate Counsel.

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