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Helping Artists Thrive

While interest in art and demand for creative content are greater than ever, an affordability crisis, digital disruption and precarious work are making it harder and harder for artists to make a living and remain in Toronto. To respond to these challenges, Artscape has evolved from an affordable artist studio provider to an organization committed to providing a broad range of spaces, programs, resources and opportunities to better help artists thrive.

Spaces for Art & Creativity

Access our spaces developed to support art, culture and creativity.

Artist Sarah Phelps painting in her studio

Become a Tenant/Owner

Artscape Sandbox

Book Performance & Event Space

Learning and Professional Development

We offer learning and professional development opportunities to artists and other creative placemakers.


Creative Entrepreneurship


Mentorship and Coaching

Participants in a Creative Placemaking Lab workshop

Creative Placemaking Resources

Community Arts Programs

Our community arts programs support creative expression, and unite artists and communities.

Learning steel drum at the Regent Park School of Music

Community Arts Programs at Daniels Spectrum

Daniels Spectrum Hallway Galleries

Hallway Galleries Program

Photo by Elise von Kulmiz

Artist Residencies

Business Opportunities

Our special programs for our tenants and owners connect artists to business opportunities.


The Artist Directory

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Artscape Community Card

The Artscape Community Card allows card holders to access great offers on creative products and services from the Artscape community. It is offered as an exclusive benefit for our valued tenants, owners and members. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact us.

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