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My mentor is someone I followed and looked up to so when I joined the Ada Slaight Youth Arts Mentorship Program and realized Yasin was going to be my mentor I was so happy. Working with him has definitely helped me bring my photography level up a notch. I really enjoy coming here every Wednesday this program by far is the best artist development program I know and I am so happy to be a part of it.

They taught me to become my own person; to achieve my dreams in the most realistic way possible. They gave me advice to stay motivated, be inspired and do what I had to do to climb to the top. Everything from networking, building websites, collaborations, how to profit and overall what it’s like to be an artist today. Everything from A to Z! I wouldn’t be able to figure out on my own if I didn’t go through [the Ada Slaight Youth Arts Mentorship] program.

Working with Yonatan has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had, musically or otherwise. I’ve been pretty fortunate with all of the opportunities life has afforded me, and it felt GOOD to be able to share some of my knowledge, experience and mindset with someone just coming up. All of the artists and staff are so motivated, it actually upped my game. I can’t recommend mentoring through this program highly enough.

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