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The venue set up last night was amazing! So many people complimented us in our choice of venue and how beautiful [the Artscape Wychwood Barns] was. You came through to perfection with the lighting! We had a great night and I think the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Please thank the staff on our behalf. They were so well organized and helped to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Wonderful community space led by fantastic individuals. [Artscape Youngplace] is clean and well organized. Recommend this for any young adults to attend and absorb information and performance as well as to have some of the great attitude rubbed off on you!

The subsidized rental at Artscape Sandbox has allowed us access to a centrally located venue with the professional staff, quality equipment and space we need to attract the participants, media and attendees that make our events as high-level as they are.

I was impressed about how flexible your staff was and how much support was offered to me on that day. [Artscape Gibraltar Point] has everything needed to execute events from a full kitchen, tables, bar, ice, dance floor, audio equipment. And it is all inventoried which made planning not only inexpensive but easier.

We enjoyed our weekend at Daniels Spectrum and received a number of compliments regarding the venue and its location from guests and exhibitors. The event hosts were very personable and responsive.

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