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In my studio I feel completely comfortable and able to work to my own schedule, whether it is frantically preparing for a show or speaking about art to my customers or imagining and trying out new forms and methods of creating. However the best part is opening my kiln after firing. It is like Christmas. Sometimes you get a great surprise, but sometimes you are disappointed, and then you want to try again to make a piece perfect.

My studio is the place that allows me to grow as an artist. It is a place to think, play and create, as well as to show, store and teach. It is a multi-purpose art place that has many uses: studio, gallery, storage and…an art instruction school ! It is a place to connect with other fellow artists, to share and exchange art info and feel the art pulse of the community.

We got the space [at Artscape Youngplace] and were so happy. Being connected to the Artscape community allows us to develop relationships between local artists and international artists from all over the world.

We jumped on the opportunity [to buy a condo unit]. It’s ideal for artists, because all of us work from home for most of our careers…Here we know we’ve welcome to practice [our instruments] and get our work done. Artscape has also created a platform for finding artistic collaborators and accessing venues, which is really wonderful for us

I operate a retail studio in the Artscape Distillery Studios, where I produce and show hand-made wood furniture with my three staff. My space has allowed me to develop a thriving practice—to keep up with orders and make a living. It’s a wonderful place to come and work, and in the many years I’ve been a tenant here, my business has flourished.

[In our condo development] There are a bunch of theatre artists, a contemporary dancer, visual artists, two classical pianists, a photographer, an improv comedian and a film guy. It’s such a lovely community and so supportive. I forgot my keyboard in Stratford and all kinds of neighbours offered theirs up. We go and support each other’s shows.

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