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Terms and Conditions of Directory Use

  1. Artscape provides this directory solely as a service to its community of artist tenants and owners as part of the Thriving Artists Initiative.
  2. All transactions are strictly between “the artist” and “the client” who contacts the artist to make an enquiry about renting or buying a work of art or creative service.
  3. Artscape will not act in any capacity as a representative or agent of “the artist” in relation to this Directory.
  4. All negotiations and resulting contracts/agreements are, in whole or in part, between the artist and/or his/her agent/representative and “the client”.
  5. Artist Directory “clients” indemnify Artscape Inc. against any and all liability related to any matters arising in relation to their agreement with an “artist” listed in this Directory.

Please contact Artscape at with any questions regarding this directory.

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