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Strategic Plans

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In developing Artscape 5.0, we recognized that a foundational element to mainstreaming creative placemaking involves upgrading the package of benefits that accrue to artists engaged in our projects so that they are better equipped to deal with the challenges of today.

Artscape’s new Thriving Artists Initiative is a cornerstone of our new strategic plan. In addition, Artscape will expand its portfolio from 11 to 18 projects by 2022 with a greater focus on community cultural hubs outside Toronto’s core and affordable housing for artist-led families. We will manage this expansion while ensuring that our existing projects remain shining examples of creative placemaking where artists and communities thrive.

Annual Reports

Research & Resources

Compendium of Key Statistics

A complete resource on the arts, culture and creative sector

The Compendium of Key Statistics is intended to compile and organize key data points, from recognized sources, related to the Canadian arts, culture, and creative sector, and to share this work as a consolidated resource that will be regularly updated as new information becomes available. The Compendium assembles national data, while also focusing on sector activity in Ontario and the municipalities of Toronto and Vancouver.

Volume 1: Sector Characteristics
Volume 2: Sector Impact
Volume 3: Location and Place

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Square Feet

The Artist’s Guide to Renting and Buying Creative Space

Looking to rent or buy creative space? Square Feet is the indispensable resource manual for artists and small arts organizations.

Licensing for your community is available–contact our Creative Placemaking Lab Managing Director for information.

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No Vacancy

Published by the Toronto Arts Council in 1988, No Vacancy was a key report driving the creation of Artscape and the first research study into workspace affordability for artists in Toronto.

Development Case Studies

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