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What is the Artist Directory?

The Artscape Artist Directory (the Directory) is an online “matchmaking” Directory, located on the Artscape website and linked to from the Artscape Venues website, that is intended to help the Artscape community of artists and creators connect with business opportunities through client enquiries. The Director features short descriptions of the work of participating Artscape tenants, owners and members, as well as sample thumbnail images of work and short artist biographies.

The information you provide in your artist listing will be public and shared with individuals and businesses interested in hiring, renting or procuring art and other creative talent and services. This information will be updated annually.

Each person listed in the Directory has a listing that links to a landing page, which includes:

  • name, and/or alias/stage name, and/or business name.
  • Business contact information or the business contact information of their representative, gallery or agent.
  • Up to 3 images and/or up to 1 video/recording of their practice/performance.
  • Description of their artistic practice in the form of a 5-6 sentence long descriptive paragraph. This paragraph will be derived from their answers to survey questions or from a series of short answers or written by the artist (limit 100 words). The description will include specific areas of artistic practice, availability for live events, potential performances or services available for live events.

What information will Artscape ask for in the questionnaire/form?

Artscape will ask for business contact information, and the contact information of the artist’s representative, agent or gallery. We will also ask for a brief description of how the work or creative service should be sorted. The Directory will be searchable by discipline, e.g. Visual arts, with a sub-category for example, painting; or for Performing arts with a subcategory of dance.

Artscape will also require examples of your work in the form of images (3 max.), and/or video (1 max.), submitted with an image list and information about the images provided, including title, medium, date and size. The Directory images will provide examples of the work created by an artist rather than an exhaustive catalogue of all works. These images will be watermarked to protect them from theft.

Each person involved in the Directory has the option to provide an alias or stage name and/or business name. However, their legal name and personal contact information will also be needed for back-end record keeping and updating. In addition, there is the option to choose which name is displayed in the Directory as their primary name.

If artists have representation in the form of a gallery or agent for their practice, the contact information of that representative will be requested as well. If provided, the representative’s contact information will replace the contact information of the artist in the online Directory. If the artist has more than one representative, there is the option to duplicate the agent contact information section to allow for more than one entry.

How will you protect my work from theft?

Artscape will not use images and video provided by tenant artists for this project for anything other than the creation, maintenance and promotion of the Directory. The images used will be watermarked and low enough resolution that will not allow for duplication.

Will it cost anything to be a part of the Directory?

No. This is a free service that we offer to clients and artists affiliated with Artscape.

Will Artscape charge a fee for sales/rentals facilitated through the Directory?

No. Businesses and clients who access the Directory will contact artists or their representatives directly and negotiate fees directly with the artist or their representatives.

Artscape’s role is to provide this “matchmaking” service through the Directory to our tenants, owners and members. We will not take part in the negotiation process, nor charge any fee from the rental/sale/procurement of any art pieces or commissions resulting from the matchmaking process.

What about privacy concerns?

Artscape will not share personal information collected for the Directory with outside organizations.

Artscape will act as a “matchmaker” between artists, other artists and potential patrons, meaning that when we are approached by an Artscape client or company with requests for work from our tenants, owners or members, we will share the URL of the website with them. Clients will contact artists directly using the information provided in the Directory. All negotiations will be between the artist and/or their representatives, agents, galleries and the client.

Guidelines for submitting images for artists (taken from CARFAC Ontario) [LINK]

Artists often need to send copies of their work to galleries, artist-run centers, festival organizers, funders, etc. The Canada Council for the Arts suggests these guidelines, and other institutions have adopted them as industry standards.

Keep these guidelines in mind when sending us submission packages.


Submit .jpeg files only.

Submit files of 500K (0.5MB) maximum.

Submit RGB or SRGB colour mode files only (No CMYK)

When submitting photos:

Label each file (image) with a number and title.

The images must begin with a zero (for example: 01 title.jpg, 02 title.jpg, etc.) This will ensure that they are presented chronologically and follow your image list.

Do not put any special characters or symbols or quotation mark in the file name.

When submitting a video file:

Please submit links to YouTube and Vimeo.



Embed your image files with your authoring information; in Photoshop, go to File>File Info.

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