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Photographer, Director, Producer, And Mental Health Advocate Ajani Charles On His Journey Towards Self-actualization And How The Arts Furthers The De-stigmatization Of Mental Health

Photographer, director, producer, and mental health advocate Ajani Charles on his journey towards self-actualization and how the arts furthers the de-stigmatization of mental health

In the summer of 2014, Ajani Charles experienced an existential crisis. After a lifetime of avoiding himself and his childhood traumas, his experiences with anxiety and depression came to a critical point. It was then he decided he would stop…

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Product Designer, Artist And Social Entrepreneur Trevor Twells On “taking Pause”, Finding Inspiration In The Mundane And How The Space Project Is Pushing Back On A City Pricing Artists Out

Product Designer, Artist and Social Entrepreneur Trevor Twells on “taking pause”, finding inspiration in the mundane and how The Space Project is pushing back on a city pricing artists out

“I love being able to get people to just stop and look at things. Stop what they’re doing, forget anything that’s on their mind, and experience what I’ve made.” Taking a pause to be truly immersed in an experience is…

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